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Estate Planning Attorney in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Strategically Plan for Your Future With the Guidance of an Experienced Attorney

Bespoke Estate Law is a boutique law firm serving South Carolina residents and their families. Led by attorney Matthew Hurst, the firm provides trust formation and administration services, wills, elder law support, probate administration, and other legal services. Whether you are about to become a parent for the first time, are ready to retire from your business, or need to designate how to distribute your wealth, contact us for a free consultation. We have helped hundreds of people like you, and we want you to enjoy a secure and tax-efficient future. 

You're Never Too Young to Start Planning Your Estate

Estate planning is important for adults of all stages of life and economic means -- you don't need to be wealthy or elderly to benefit from an estate planning attorney. For young professionals, it is essential to create a solid foundation that protects assets and outlines your personal wishes. This may include drafting a basic will or setting up a durable power of attorney to ensure your affairs are managed in case of extenuating circumstances. Perhaps more importantly, this is an opportunity to establish a relationship with an estate planning firm that you trust early in your career.

As Estate Plan is Different

Our Services are Personalized to Your Needs

Every life is different, and no two estate plans should be the same. Your estate plan will be tailored to reflect your family dynamics, financial situation, preferences, and even your personality. While we have helped many high-net-worth individuals secure complex estate plans, it's a common misconception that only the wealthy require such efforts; in reality, anyone can benefit from articulating their plans and providing for their loved ones.

When couples have children, they begin to prioritize the well-being of their kids. Parents may choose to set up trusts to ensure financial stability for their children and appoint guardians to take care of them if an unforeseen tragedy occurs. You will sleep better at night knowing that your children are in good hands regardless of what may happen to you.

As you progress through life, your estate planning needs may include managing retirement funds, planning for long-term care needs, and minimizing tax burdens as your estate is distributed in the future. Bespoke Estate Law is experienced in the creation of specialized trusts for a variety of needs, and we would be happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your particular objectives.

We also help senior citizens simplify their estates, preserve wealth for the next generation, and even donate to charitable causes in a strategic way. From drafting advanced healthcare directives to creating living wills that dictate medical care preferences in later stages of life, we will use our experience to ensure that you are well taken care of even as your capacity to make challenging decisions diminishes.

Every example, a young single person may primarily need a will and healthcare directives. On the other hand, someone with a complex family situation might need a detailed trust to ensure their blended family is treated fairly.

Don't Risk Your Future with DIY Estate Planning

Creating your own estate plan using generic, downloadable online documents can be risky. Free resources may not reflect the latest updates to the law, fail to address your specific circumstances, and can potentially cause disputes or lawsuits among your heirs. By planning for all possible contingencies the proper way, you are creating the maximum benefit for your spouse, children, and any other beneficiaries.

What Does Estate Planning Entail?

Will Formation

Call Bespoke Estate law for help preparing a will that is clear, compliant with the laws of the state of South Carolina, properly written, notarized, and witnessed by at least two individuals. You have worked your entire life to acquire your assets; don't leave the future of your estate to chance or the outcome of legal challenges. Your will dictates where your assets are distributed, the manner in which your assets are distributed, and it can even appoint a guardian for your minor children. 

Trust Formation

We implement a wide variety of trusts for South Carolina residents to accomplish their estate planning objectives most effectively. These include revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, marital trusts, dynasty trusts, charitable trusts, and more. Our diverse repertoire will afford you numerous options to protect your assets and distribute them responsibility. We are here to help you make an informed decision on trusts and other vehicles for managing your estate.

Elder Law

This aspect of estate planning focuses on the needs of older adults, and addresses issues such as Medicaid planning, elder abuse, and competency concerns. We ensure that seniors have their legal, financial, and health needs appropriately managed as they age. We have helped many clients plan for their own future, and we can provide caring and insightful planning services to you that are rooted in our experience.

Avoiding Probate

Strategies like the creation of revocable living trusts, naming beneficiaries on retirement and bank accounts, or establishing joint ownership can help bypass the probate process. Don't leave your heirs fighting amongst themselves -- call us for a free consultation regarding your estate today.

Caring For Your Loved Ones After Worst-Case Scenarios

It's your responsibility to establish legal frameworks, such as conservatorships and guardianships, to protect your loved ones in case of a disaster. We can also assist you in the creation of durable powers of attorney to enable an agent to handle property and financial decisions for you. Also worth considering are: health care proxies for an agent to make medical decisions, and living wills to solidify your wishes regarding end-of-life care.

Business Succession Planning

If you're planning to retire and leave your business to certain leadership within your team, we would be happy to speak with you about responsible succession planning. You should be certain that your business is left in good hands, continues to provide jobs for valuable employees, and has defense mechanisms in place to guard against the irresponsible handling of funds.

We Keep Your Estate Plan Up To Date

Life is full of changes, and your estate plan should evolve accordingly. Whether it's the birth of a child, a change in marital status, or the onset of unexpected health issues, we may recommend making changes to your estate plan. Bespoke Estate Law will work closely with you to review and revise your documents, and ensure they continuously reflect your current situation and future goals.

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We help clients in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, North Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and throughout the state of South Carolina. Whether you have amassed a significant estate with real estate holdings and businesses, or are a young family seeking a living will, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide options and recommendations for your situation.

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